Our Mission

Our mission is to empower adults with intellectual and developmental disability towards independence through traditional and innovative programs.

Our name “Jeremiah’s Place” comes from the Bible Verse Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – We believe that God has plans for hope and a future for everyone, including those with special needs. We work everyday to provide our students with all the tools they need to pursue God’s big plans for their lives.

Our Philosophy 

We will never put a limit on the capabilities of our students. When a new student enters into our program we do not categorize them based on their disability or even based on what we’re told they can or cannot do. We challenge our students to step out of their comfort zone. We believe there is always room to grow and we constantly remind students they can achieve their goals as long as they are willing to work hard for them.

Support System

In addition to providing educational and personal growth opportunities for our students, we also work hard to provide a loving support system for both our students and their families. We always want our students and families to know they can come to any of our team members for prayer, a shoulder to lean on, or a friend to celebrate with. We truly value the relationships we build, and love any opportunity to share God’s love.

Our History

Gil and Liz Silva struggled to find a place where their daughter, who has Down’s syndrome, could continue to grow and progress after she graduated from high school. After realizing that several of their family friends were also facing the same dilemma, they decided to take the leap of faith and incorporated Jeremiah’s Place in 2013.

Our Team

Gil and Liz – Founders/Directors

Gil and Liz have devoted their entire lives to the success of Jeremiah’s Place. Liz works seven days a week planning, praying, shopping, and prepping for everything that happens at Jeremiah’s Place. Gil devotes countless hours to making sure that everything Liz has planned runs smoothly and successfully, whether that be communicating with families or budgeting out funds. They have home schooled for twenty-five years and have graduated all four of their children. They served as directors of the Calvary ABQ homeschool group which included directors of a cooperative teaching program serving over one-hundred families a year for nineteen years. Gil and Liz are former board members of Joni and Friends of Albuquerque, Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network and San Gabriel Valley Regional Center.
NOTE from Giliz: God gave us the vision and our amazing team has caught it.


James Silva is one of our teachers and is an active program leader and developer. James is very passionate about encouraging our students to explore new skills and helping them to push beyond their perceived limitations. James holds a bachelor’s degree in special education with a double minor in special education and elementary education.


Amber Silva is one of our teachers and is also highly involved in program development, program planning and scheduling, and various administration work. Her passion is creating order and organization within Jeremiah’s Place, and helping the students to learn and excel in a structured and low-stress environment. Amber Silva holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication with a minor in English.


Jesse is one of our teachers. He loves spending time with our students, and they always have so much fun with him. Jesse teaches different classes, such as but not limited to ASL, science, history and works with our students in gym class. Jesse holds an associate degree in special education.


Nizhoni is one of our teachers. She teaches everything, but specializes in the arts. She is a skilled painter, and is experienced in the performing arts. She loves to share her knowledge and joy with her students. In addition to teaching, Nizhoni also helps with the planning and preparation of our projects and classes. Nizhoni is a graduate of Nanette Jurgensen’s Art Discovery Art Classes, and has also been heavily involved in the drama skit department at Calvary of Albuquerque.


Josh works with our students in the kitchen. He makes the culinary arts fun and engaging. He is also a talented photographer and has taught a few photography classes. He has an awesome connection with our students and they really enjoy spending time with him. Josh also works with our small classes we call “pop-out classes”. These classes are smaller 2-3 students at a time and are specialized classes such as macrame, candle making, photography, and baking. His past experience includes working in day-habs and in group homes.